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The Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG) focuses on research, which is the key activity of our institution. Innovative research gives us an excellent base for modern teaching.

Scientifical excellence of MUG was confirmed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the year 2012 by considering the Faculty of Pharmacy with Subfaculty of Laboratory Medicine the Leading National Research Centre (KNOW) in the pharmaceutical sciences. Our institution is one of six research centers in Poland that received KNOW status in July 2012. The status is associated with funding of the value of over 10 mln EUR for five years. Money will be spent to strengthen scientific and research potential of the Faculty, creation of attractive conditions for research and building a strong, recognizable brand.

The research at MUG is carried out by almost 600 scientists. In years 2008-2012 they produced papers for the overall value of Impact Factor equaled more than 5 000. At the same time we received 74 Polish research grants for the amount of 10 mln EUR, 19 international research grants for overall value of 3 mln EUR and 12 projects financed by European structural funds for almost 8 mln EUR. The number of polish research grants in 2011-2012 classifies our University at 8 position among 121 polish scientific institutions.

Our cooperation with the business world is also developing constantly. Technology transfer is managed by Business Point, a unit established in cooperation with local technological parks (Gdańsk and Gdynia). Development of scientific projects is supported in order to implement the research results into the market. Innovation and Technology Transfer Office is constantly developing, to enable our scientists protection of their knowledge. At that time the Medical University of Gdańsk owns 25 patents. Like other academic institutions, MUG’s policy focuses on creating and disseminating knowledge and optimizing benefits from intellectual assets. The challenging issue is how to commercialize the IP arising from research in order to provide maximum value to the economy, society and the university itself. The key point for developing an effective IP policy was to establish clear internal regulations in regards to IP ownership and a sustainable commercialization process of research.

Since numerous studies shows the greatest creativity and innovation of younger people involved in research projects, the leading idea of our University is including students in the research projects. Cooperation of young open-minded scientists with experienced researchers results in wide range of research projects both national and with international partnership.

The main area of research in the Medical University of Gdańsk are innovative drugs and clinical treatments that would revolutionize current therapies of incurable diseases and improve existing treatments.